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According to the online Cambridge dictionary a lawyer is “someone whose job is to give advice to people about the law and speak for them in court”. To further expand, a lawyer is someone who is well versed with the law as a counselor, solicitor or attorney, and possesses a license to practice law. Not only does a lawyer practice law, but is a living representation of the system.


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In one of your law or writing courses you may be asked to write a term paper on lawyers. Before you start, you must realize that this doesn’t require you to simply write a lengthy essay on lawyers, instead a term paper on lawyers checks your ability to critique, research, analyze and represent the area.

To start your term paper on lawyers, you need to figure out which subdivision you want to write on. This depends on your level of interest on a particular branch. You can also write about world famous lawyers or famous court cases.

For your term paper on lawyers, you can even write how lawyers add value to the judicial and legal system. You can begin by defining their functions, responsibilities, and tasks. Some responsibilities include research and outline of court papers, legal advisory, negotiation, safeguarding individual property, representation of cases and clients in courts., advocacy and so on.

Moreover, you can also write about the education requirements to pursue a career in law. Studying law is a difficult path to take that requires constant hard work and dedication. You can write about a typical law curriculum from a law school and if possible, you can critique its usefulness.

A term paper on lawyers can also be written on a famous lawyer, whether past or present. Popular examples include John Ghrisham, Clarence Darrow, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy and the like. You may discuss their feats and accomplishments. Furthermore, you can challenge or support them, which means you can fight for their case if you feel they are the most successful lawyers in history or the most crooked, the choice is yours. All you need to do is provide plenty of evidence, facts and illustrations that support your stance.
Be sure to provide plenty of supporting evidence in the form of extracts, statistics or documented cases. This will add the much needed weight and volume to your term paper on lawyers. Make sure these passages are well referenced and cited which will reflect well on your work ethic.


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