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Have you ever struggled with a term paper layout? If yes, you are not alone; so have majority of the students as it is quite common to be unfamiliar with it. A term paper is a research based essay that is given high weight and contributes a significant portion to the student’s final grade. It tests a student’s ability to write, research, analyze and interpret a course related field of study.


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If there is no sense or structure to the term paper, then no matter how well you write or research, it will fail to create an impact on the examiner and will ultimately compromise your grade. The steps below outline the widely accepted term paper layout, and if followed you are bound to produce a respectable term paper.

Step 1
The term paper should have a title page. Here you present the title of your work; this is a focused area and is always different from the term paper topic. A title page usually states where the term paper is coming from and where it is headed. It contains the name of the student and professor.

Step 2
Develop an abstract. An abstract is a summary of the primary focus of your term paper and its focus. Make sure it contains simple word usage and language so any reader knows what he/she is getting into.

Step 3
The introductory paragraph is more of a formal opening to your term paper. This step is critical to the term paper layout as it sets the first impression for the reader. It contains the thesis statement which is a concise sentence that depicts your stance on the topic chosen. It outlines what you plan to uncover in writing this term paper.

Step 4
The main body contains all the supporting evidence and the research. This is where you defend your thesis statement by providing relevant information from reliable sources. The interpretation and analysis of the findings are included here to give meaning to the research.

Step 5
Of equal importance in the term paper layout is the conclusion; this summarizes your findings in light of the research and interpretation. A persuasive tone is used to reinforce the thesis statement and preferably create an impact on the reader.

Step 6
The final part of a term paper layout is the bibliography list. This is where you provide a list of cited sources and references used in the term paper. This portion keeps you free from plagiarism suspicion.


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