Ideas for Microeconomics Term Paper


Economics is the study of the supply, allocation and demand of goods and services in a market structure. The field is so vast that is has been divided into two categories; namely macroeconomics and microeconomics. Since you need ideas for a microeconomics term paper, this article is limited to just that. Microeconomics deals with studying and analyzing the market characteristics of a focused group of customers and suppliers.


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When looking for ideas for a microeconomics term paper, it is important to understand the scope of your term paper. Whether it’s a research based term paper, an argumentative research paper or an opinion based essay; your writing style and research methods will shape its outcome. A major issue is developing ideas for a microeconomics term paper. The list below should prove useful.

• The labor market and its features is a popular and widely used topic for a microeconomics term paper. You may write about the wage-price spiral and its constant affect on prices. Or perhaps you can discuss your opinion regarding the practices of labor unions.

• Another popular idea for a microeconomics term paper is market structures. We see them around us all the time. Monopolies, oligopolies and cartels are popular structures. For your term paper you can analyze their roles in their respective industries and whether their existence is a threat to smaller firms and consumers. You may argue whether they are adding value or causing damage to the society due to their sheer size.

• Demand and supply is perhaps the most basic component of this branch of economics and presents numerous ideas for a microeconomics term paper. Why is the demand for the iPhone 4 so high? Why is the supply for 3D output limited? What will happen to the supply of cigarettes if the tax rate is increased? What happens to the demand for an Intel processor after a fall in the price of silicon chips?

• One more idea for a microeconomics term paper is the varying pricing policies adopted by firms according to the changing market trends. You can argue whether the high prices of luxury cars are justified or express your opinion on price discrimination and if it should be allowed or controlled.

The following ideas on microeconomic topics should prove helpful in writing your term paper. Remember to give supporting when stating your opinion and try not to mix microeconomics with macroeconomics as that will create a mess. Stay focused on your chosen topic to avoid blending theories.


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