How to Write a Thesis Proposal


A thesis proposal is basically an application which outlines the student's idea for the study topic. Initial step is the submission of application to the professor for the purpose of approval of the subject of thesis’s topic. The professor may accept the topic or may suggest some alterations to be made. The aim of the thesis proposal is to convince your supervisor that more research and contribution is needed to the respective subject area. Your service and devoted role towards your thesis could only get the real justification if the proposal is written in an appropriate and impressive manner.


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For the thesis to be successful, writing the proposal in an effective and efficient way is the foremost step towards a winning hit. The very first step is to design a title page which should contain a short title, author name, institution, department, research adviser, adviser's institution and date of delivery. Writing the Thesis Proposal needs a short summary of the project commonly known as Abstract. It gives a quick overview and the basic understanding of your proposal. In this section the scope of the task, objectives, purpose and importance of the selected topic should be highlighted.

Further steps include constructing the Table of contents. It contains the list of all the main headings, subheadings along with the respective page numbers. Then progress towards the actual Statement of the Problem. These statements are also called Thesis statement. It holds the core and real extract of the study area. It helps determining the boundary margin of your research work and identifying the knowledge gap that your project is defying.

The next part is Methodology section which illustrates the description of all the approaches and procedures you have adopted. Evaluation of data, collection of all the facts and figure, criteria for the selected approach and list of all the resources and equipment you have use will be mentioned in this part. Writing time span is important consideration for the professors as it indicates the planning and scheduling of the work to be done. It helps in assigning and meeting the deadlines for timely submission. It provides an efficient way to manage and schedule your time by completing particular goals and tasks.

The final step of the document is citing the list of source materials that are used and consulted while preparing the proposal. This section is called Bibliography or References or Appendices. It may include all the key texts on the account of your research.


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