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First off you need to understand what a book report is? And the different types of book report format generally used? A book report is not just a summary of the story but an analytical evaluation of the book. Whereas, a book report format is basically a layout or a design that provide instruction to write a critical analysis of the book. Here an important distinction should be made that a book report format only deals with the whole book in its entirety and does not compare it with other books or literary pieces of work.


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Educators love to give book report assignments to their students, mainly aiming to expand their literary perspective and develop a profound comprehension of the society, and the world at large. Book report formats vary for different teachers, as well as at different grade level. Typically a book report format requires a student to thoroughly read the book and understand it effectively. Most book report formats are similar in nature, unless otherwise stated by your teacher. Here is a general book report format that may prove to be helpful in your writings.

The first paragraph of your book review report format is the ‘introductory’ paragraph. This paragraph should include only the basic information of about the book and sets the pace for the rest of the paragraphs to come. It should include the title of the book, name of the author, name of the publisher and year of publication, and more. It will also explain the setting of the book and swiftly provide a synopsis about the book. Another aim of the introductory paragraph is to grab and hold the interest of the reader by making a good first impression.

Then comes the main section of your book report format, and maybe referred to as the ‘body’ paragraph. In this paragraph you will organize all the information you have collected by reading the book and shape it in a presentable form. This would normally require you to develop a theme and prepare a ‘thesis statement’. Your book report format greatly depends on the strength of this paragraph, as your central theme is depicted in this section and your teacher will know if you have read the book or not, after reading this paragraph. Main points that you should highlight in this section include, the main characters of the story, their conflicts in different settings, and especially the emotional scenes and sides of the characters. You may have this conflict as your thesis statement, and provide the summary in light of this thesis statement.

The end paragraph constitutes the ‘conclusion’ of your book report format. This is where you provide a short analysis of the book and whether you would recommend it to others. Regular reference to the context and examples will really highlight your book report.


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