Research Paper on Cloud Computing Security

Posted on 11th January 2011 by Robert Smith in Research Papers

Cloud computing security has been referred to as cloud computing. It is a sub domain of computer, network and information security in a broader aspect. It is designed to safeguard organizations policies and technologies. Controls are deployed to protect company’s data, applications and frame work of security protocols.

Cloud computing falls in two arrays; one is regarding the service provider and second is relevant to the end user of service. The service provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and clients’ data and applications are protected. The end-user (customer) must ensure that moderator has under taken proper security measures to protect the information.

In order to proceed with your research paper topics on cloud computing security; you are initially required to provide an account of cloud computing and its history. The reason for inception of this infrastructure needs to be defined. You should provide a background of the rapid growing information technology. This will help you relate your research with the need for cloud computing. Explain the dimensions of cloud computing as well.

Once you are through with the introductory phase, list your research objectives and purpose. This shall include the aim of your choosing a technical topic. Also specify the nature of recommendations you’ll be proposing to make the infrastructure more reliable. Your objective shall also highlight that this research will benefit the anti-hackers and those who are pursuing information security as their majors. Make it thought provoking for the readers to assess the importance of security framework in the modern era where organizations go bankrupt by the leakage of a single kilobyte.

Travelling further towards the heart of your research paper on cloud computing security, it is mandatory for you to define your research methodology. This shall describe the methodology used in collecting the information and why a particular method is to be used. It will explain the sampling methodology that will be in use and how data will be collected using various sampling techniques. The data collected shall be analyzed and presented in the form of descriptive statements, figures, tables and statistical tools.

In the later part of your research paper on cloud computing security, you need to develop a hypothesis. This will be done by taking current scenario as the base. Use the base to develop hypothesis for future (aim/goal). You require defining variables being used in the hypothesis (independent and dependant). It is necessary for you to define the scope of your primary data research. IT specialists, software engineers and anti-cyber hacking organizations should be selected for interviews.

Kindly, write your conclusion with supporting recommendations or solutions. Assist the research paper with sufficient references for the information used.

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