Introduction and Background Information in Writing a Paper

Posted on 28th April 2011 by Robert Smith in College Papers

Research paper is a practical amalgamation of varying phases which facilitate to compile a good paper. Introduction and background information in writing a paper is included in the first phase. Understand the requirement of writing the introduction and then write the paragraph without elongating it. The introduction of a paper should have the necessary points which should let the reader know what data will be added in the body of paper. Therefore, write an introduction keeping in mind the expectations of your reader.

Your introduction should be based on the body of your paper which can be written after passing through the phase of reading material. Introduction and background information in writing a paper are the two most essential parts of any research paper. You cannot start off writing a paper before telling the reading what made you write this paper and what will be there in this paper to read. This significant phase compels your reader to read the paper further.

Write the introduction in such a manner which will be interesting for the reader and he continues to read till the end for complete information. There is no need of adding facts, rules, laws and graphs in introduction. This paragraph is merely written to give an idea of the research or topic.

Furthermore, write the background information on the next page which will help reader know the background of the topic. You will add background information only to make the reader understand what work has been done or what incidents have happened before which are related to this research. It is to draw a sketch of previous happenings.

You have to build a base of previous information and connect it to the recent one upon which you will work. The difference between an introduction and background information is very obvious. You cannot add facts in the introductory paragraph on the other hand you have to write previous facts in the background information. This mere difference will help you to write both introduction and background information in an appropriate manner.

To find more tips and guidelines on introduction and background information in writing a paper you can search online. There are certain guidelines which should be followed while writing any sort of paper. Therefore, do not overlook them and try to include these guidelines in the process of paper writing. Recheck the introduction and background information when you write the first draft then move towards the final paper to avoid mistakes.

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