How do you start a bibliography for a writing paper?

Before starting to write any paper you must have all the information regarding the format in which you are writing the paper, the rules and methods of that format and the proper guidelines to writing a bibliography. Following the rules of the format is just as important as writing the paper. And bibliographies are a very important part of writing a research paper or any other type of paper. So it is of the utmost importance that you know how you start a bibliography for a writing paper.
Bibliographies basically contain all the sources that you have used to research and cite the information in your paper in your own words. It helps the instructor to properly analyze all your sources and check for authenticity. You must know that doing research from illegitimate and fraudulent or inaccurate sources will result in a significant lose of marks and you could even fail in the paper.

So you must at all times use legitimate sources of information during your research. And the best way to conduct a research is from a library. Libraries only contain genuine and authentic sources of information like journals, books and etc. You can also do research online though information taken from online sources is not necessarily accurate all of the time.
So how do you start a bibliography for a writing paper? The very first step that you must take in order to write a bibliography is to organize and manage the various sources. There can be many references that you will be required to write in the bibliography section, so it would be wise if you compile your references and all those sources on a separate piece of paper so that you don’t have any problems at the end of your paper.

After you have written the full body of the paper, at the end make a headline of “Bibliography” or “works cited” whatever the format requires and alphabetically write all your references. You must start by writing the author’s last name then the sources. You must place a comma after you write the author’s last name then write the first name or an initial of the first name as per the rules of the format you are writing.

The next thing in knowing how you start a bibliography for a writing paper is to write the names of the books that you have taken the information from in italics; you can also underline the book and place a period. Cite the name of the article you have taken the information from. So this how you make a bibliography for your paper.

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